About Room Service

ROOM SERVICE provides one-stop professional production service in realizing any challenging creative idea. As a team of know-how production specialists with years of print and video production experience, we have strong skills and network in meeting your needs. Thus, you can deliver quality visuals with less effort.

Experienced production specialists

We are a team of producer, production manager and specialists who has been working in advertising production in Hong Kong since 2004. Skills were gleaned from different projects, especially those required particular technique in handling difficult models (eg. babies), materials (e.g. water and ice) and locations (e.g. aircraft and permitted area at the airport).

As a group of know-how production specialists, we can effortlessly take care of the whole production process and pre-empting any potential photoshoot pitfalls.

A team of strong network

We have well-established connections with photographers from Hong Kong, Mainland, East Asia and London with wide range of styles and strengths. We source perfect talent for each project, negotiate rates and usage to fit with every creative and budget need.

We are also a capable production team who can manage productions at different locations, ranging from Hong Kong, East Asia countries and overseas (e.g. Japan, Taiwan, Canada and London). Our strong network allows us to provide prompt and flexible solutions to meet every creative brief.